PanzerBitz   Revisiting an Old Classic    
Soviet rifle company in dire straits in original Avalon Hill PanzerBlitz circa 1970

PanzerBlitz1, a two-player tactical board game simulating platoon and company level combat of the Second World War, revolutionised war gaming when it first appeared in 1970.

The designer, James F Dunnigan, clearly hit a tactical sweet spot with a breakthrough small scale and fast-paced sequence of play; throughout the Seventies he continued to refine the basic game system with successive variations covering most 20th century combined arms combat.  While the many subsequent versions enjoyed varying degrees of success the original Panzerblitz remains the most popular and widely available.

With our Case Orange rules revision variant we hope to help restore popularity to a legendary game.

1 Copyright 1970, Avalon Hill Company, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Opportunity Fire
The original PanzerBlitz was marred by a rules shortfall which excluded firing at moving units. But can this oversight be remedied without making things worse?

NOTE: Play-testing alpha version release date now moved forward to 15 April 2013. Thanks to all the play-testers already signed on; we will have a play-testing handout to you by e-mail soon.


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